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Company details:

Iris van Gulik paardendierenarts
(Iris van Gulik equine vet, Horse health academy)
Eekwielensweg 7
7448 PT Haarle
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce no: 80162037


Hi, I am Iris van Gulik from Iris van Gulik paardendierenarts (Iris van Gulik equine vet, Horse health academy), and I am responsible for the processing of your (personal) data as shown in the privacy & cookie statement. Iris van Gulik paardendierenarts (Iris van Gulik equine vet, Horse health academy) is established in Haarle (Eekwielensweg 7, 7448 PT), The Netherlands, Chamber of Commerce no. 80162037.



If you have any questions about this Statement, please feel free to reach out via email I will respond to your email as soon as possible, but in no event later than 21 working days.


This statement

This Statement describes which (personal) data is collected from you on i.e., the website, for what goal your (personal) data is used and under what conditions these (personal) data may possibly be shared with third parties.


In this Statement will also be explained how your (personal) data is stored, how your (personal) data is protected against misuse, what kind of rights you have with regard to the (personal) data you provide to us and how you can file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens).


Personal data

I take great care with the (personal) data I receive from you and with what I collect or have collected for the use of my services. I will never make your (personal) data available to third parties for commercial purposes. And if this would be the case, I will always ask for your explicit permission.


You are never obliged to provide me with your (personal) data. I will do everything I can to limit the processing of (personal) data as much as possible. However, if this cannot (reasonably) be expected of me, your refusal to provide (personal) data may result that our legal relationship cannot continue or be established.


I only process your (personal) data because you are my customer, you use my services and/or because you (have) provided this (personal) data to me. I do not process personal data like i.e., gender, race or religion. This overview below, shows the (personal) data that I do process (in some cases):


  • First and last name (i.e., on quote or invoice or when you create an account on the website);
  • Address details (e., to perform our agreement, on invoice);
  • Phone number (you are not obliged to provide);
  • E-mail (i.e., to receive my newsletter, to receive my e-book, for the execution of our agreement);
  • Financial data (for administration);
  • Website;
  • Login data;
  • Social media account name;
  • Photo (i.e., to post on my social media account);
  • Information provided by you (i.e., by filling in the contact form on website, in correspondence and/or by phone).



The way I collect (personal) data

I collect your (personal) data if it is provided by you, for example by filling in the contact form on the website, If you by any of my products, if you are my client in any way, if you subscribed to join my academy or if you contact me in any other way.


I process your (personal) data because you gave permission to do so. If I process (personal) data based on your permission, you can always withdraw that permission if you reach out via email.


I process (personal) data because it is necessary or because you have concluded an agreement with me or because I have a legal obligation to do so. Because in some cases, I may be required by law to share your data in connection with government, – tax, – or criminal investigations. In such case, I am forced to share your (personal)data. Please note that I will always oppose this within the possibilities the law offers me.



Not personal data

Some data is automatically collected by the website (i.e., IP address, web browser and operating system) and is only processed for the purpose of further improving my services. Such data are usually not personal data, although they sometimes can be considered as such.


Please note that data of your horse is not personal data, although I will treat it as such.


I process your personal data for (one of) the following purposes:


  • To be able to handle your payment;
  • To be able to send you my newsletter or e-book;
  • To be able to contact you if this is necessary for us to perform my service;
  • To create an account for you;
  • When you respond to one of my blogs;
  • To inform you about changes to my services;
  • To be able to grant you access to your account on the website and the associated services;


I process your (personal) data when you post a comment on one of my social media accounts or in my community.


I like to post a nice review on my website or social media account. Before I do that, I will always ask for your permission. For this I process your name and assessment. You can also place it yourself with your Gmail account in my Google Business account. This review will be on indefinitely, until you indicate that you want to remove the review.


Direct marketing (newsletter, giveaway or webinar)

I will send you a newsletter and you will be on my mailing list if you have registered to i.e., receive one (so you have given your explicit permission to receive my newsletter and/or e-book). I will process your name and email address to send you the newsletter. Every email contains an unsubscribe link. The newsletter is sent by Mailblue/Active campaign.


Or it happens when you attend my webinar or when you download the giveaway from my website. For this I ask for your email address so that I can send the giveaway. If you want to register for the newsletter, you can do so, but then you give me explicit permission for this via an application form.


When you register for a webinar, I need your email address to send you the link of the webinar. As a result of the giver or the webinar, I can send you emails about my services. You can always unsubscribe or object to this.


Academy & Facebook Group

In order to allow you to participate in the academy, I need your email address and name. This way I can provide you with an account. In addition, I will keep you informed of the lessons I offer via e-mails.


You need an account for the academy. Name and e-mail address are stored in it. A password is automatically generated for you so that you can log in securely. You can change this password once you have logged in. Your account also includes a log in which I can see how often you log in and from which IP address. I will not do anything with this information until you contact me to report misuse of your account.


Data of your horse

Your animal’s name, age, breed and chip number, complaints and treatment are processed in the patient file. The data is stored in the software for 7 years, so that I have access to the health and treatment history during any follow-up consultations. I will only provide information in consultation with you and with your permission. If you do not agree with this, please indicate this. The status of your animal can only be requested digitally by you at all times for your own administration or to provide it to other persons who are involved with your animal.


How long do I keep your (personal) data?

Your (personal) data will only be used for the purposes as described in this Statement. As soon as that (personal) data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, it is prohibited by law to keep it any longer. So, I do not store your (personal)data any longer than strictly necessary, or after a possible limitation period if required by law.




Data Term Reason
First- last name 7 years because of tax legislation To be able to find your data or to fulfil my administrative obligations, to perform my services
Address 7 years because of tax legislation To be able to find your data or to fulfil my administrative obligations, to perform my services
Phone number 12 months after you were no longer a customer or as long as the agreement is active

To be able to find your data or to contact you



Financial data 7 years because of tax legislation To be able to find your data, to perform my services, or to fulfil my administrative obligations
e-mailadres As long as your subscription is active, 12 months (on the mail server) or maximum of 7 years because of tax legislation To be able to find your data or to contact you, to perform my services
e-mails As long as the agreement is active, 12 months (on the mail server) or maximum of 7 years because of tax legislation To be able to find your data or to fulfil my administrative obligations
Other data provided by you 12 months after you were no longer a customer or as long as the agreement is active To be able to find your data
Social media account name / reaction on social media / blog Indefinite time, unless you delete the data yourself If you respond, the comment will remain as long as the message is online. This is indefinite, unless you decide that your comment should be deleted. When deleting a comment, all personal data will be deleted. Nothing will be done with the responses received. I see reactions as enthusiastic involvement


Sharing your (personal) data with third parties

I do not sell your data to third parties. I will only provide your (personal) data if this is necessary for the execution of our agreement or to comply with a legal obligation (i.e., tax authorities).


I conclude a processing agreement with companies that process your data on my behalf to ensure the same level of security and confidentiality of your (personal) data. However, I always remain responsible for the processing carried out by them.


I will not transfer your data to countries outside the EU. However, if this is necessary, I will only transfer data to countries that guarantee an adequate level of protection (EU-US Privacy Shield).


Payment provider

Payments are made through payment provider Mollie. Mollie’s services are hosted on Dutch servers. They collect name, email address and bank and account number.


Veterinarian system

I use a software program (Animana) to process your data. A digital program in which the patient files are created and an administration program in which the invoices and accounting are processed. The program is encrypted using passwords and usernames. These are changed regularly, and the devices and system security are kept up to date. The accountant has access to the administration program for the accounting. A processing agreement has been concluded with the accountancy firm, which obliges the firm to maintain the confidentiality of your data.


Social media

My website contains a social media button from Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn and possible other links to third-party websites. The privacy policy of the specific platform applies to that link and not to this Statement. Meaning I cannot guarantee that these third parties handle your data in a secure manner. Please feel free to read how the before mentioned accounts deals with your privacy: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.





When you have registered for a newsletter, your name and email address will be shared wilt Mailblue/active Campaign. More information about personal data handling of ActiveCampaign/Mailblue can be found in their privacy policy


View, adjust, delete or transfer (Personal) data

With regard to your (personal) data, you always have the right to view, to correct or to delete your (personal) data. In addition, you may withdraw any previously given consent for the processing of your (personal) data by me and you may object to the processing of your (personal) data by me.


You also have the right to data portability. Meaning that you can submit a request to me via email to send your (personal) data in a computer file to you or another organization designated by you. I will respond to your request as soon as possible and in no event later than 21 working days.


How I protect your (personal) data

I have taken appropriate measures to prevent your (personal) data from being misused, lost, accessible to an unauthorized person, from being made public without permission and of course to prevent unauthorized changes to your (personal) data.


If you feel that your (personal) data is not properly secured by me or if you notice indications of misuse of your (personal) data, please let me know as soon as possible. I will investigate your message and I will respond to it as soon as possible, in no event later than 21 working days.


Do you have a complaint?

If you have a complaint about the processing of your personal data by us, you always have the right to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens). You can submit a complaint by filling in the form on their website.



I also think it is important that you know I use cookies on my website and that you know for what purposes those cookies are used.


What is a cookie

Cookies are small text files, placed on the hard drive or in the memory of your (i.e.) phone, computer, laptop, tablet or any other device with which you view the website during your visit.


Placing a cookie is safe

Placing and using cookies is safe. No personal data can be traced. Please note that your phone number and/or your e-mail address will always remain unknown to me. Your privacy and the user-friendliness of our website are monitored by me. I ensure this is guaranteed.


Cookies do not contain viruses and they cannot damage the device you visit our website with. When you come back to the website at a later time, your information (stored in the cookies) is recognized: cookies only register that you view the website again. So, cookies are placed to increase your ease of use for the website and in connection with a commercial interest. By placing cookies, I can make the structure, navigation on the website and the content of the website as user-friendly as possible.


I use functional, analytical & social media related cookies.


  • Functional cookies are used to make the website function as well as possible. Functional cookies are necessary for the functioning of the website. The cookies are used to store settings for an optimal display, read out your browser settings in order to optimally display the website on your screen, load the website evenly, so that the site remains easily accessible.
  • Analytical cookies are used to map ‘your behavior’ on this website. To find out which pages on the website are viewed, I use Google Analytics. Google places cookies on your device. This makes your surfing behavior on the site transparent. The information that Googles receives from the cookie is analyzed. This information is anonymized as much as possible. Google will only share the information obtained with third parties if they are legally obliged to do so or insofar as third parties process the information on behalf of Google. Google has not received permission from me to use information for other Google services.

Please note: Google is an American company and stores the information it collects in American servers. For more information about the Google Analytics policy, see the beforementioned Google website.

JavaScript ensures that page views can be counted. Statistics are made of the information collected on the website. These statistics are used for various purposes such as assessing which pages of this website may need to be adjusted, optimizing this website and my service.

  • Social media related cookies such as those from Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. They also place cookies on your device via these buttons.



When you have registered for a newsletter at, I would like to let you know that cookies are also used for this. More information about ActiveCampaign/Mailblue cookies can be found in their privacy policy.



Because cookies act as a label with which your computer can be identified, the webshop uses cookies to add products to your shopping cart, to create a profile, to log in and out and to process an order.



Because cookies act as a label with which your computer can be identified, my academy also uses cookies to create a profile, to log in and out and to save your progress.


Unnecessary cookies

Cookies that are not necessary are only placed after you have given permission for this by clicking ‘agree’ in the cookie bar. If you do not want the website to place cookies on your device, you can adjust your browser settings. In that case you receive a warning before cookies are placed and if possible, you can always automatically refuse cookies.


Unforeseen cookies

It is possible that cookies are placed via my websites by others, of which I am not always aware. Do you come across cookies that you cannot find in my overview? Let me know via email or contact the third party directly. Then ask which cookies they placed, what the reason is, what the lifespan of the cookie is and how they have guaranteed your privacy.


Refusing cookies

Please be aware that if you do not accept cookies, it cannot be guaranteed that the website will work properly. Functions on the website may not work properly or you will see errors on the website. How you can adjust your settings or delete cookies differs per browser. Please feel free to find out how this works in your browser:



Opt out

Permission is requested on the website (where necessary) about the use of the above cookies. If you do not want your data to be tracked, I advise you not to give permission (opt-out) or to install privacy-enhancing browser plug-ins.


Validity of this Statement

This Statement applies to my website and my associated services. Please note that I always have the right to change this Statement. Publication of a new version makes all previous versions invalid. I will inform you by email if a new Statement has consequences for the processing of the already collected (personal) data relating to you.